ZARmedia and the Community

Now that we’ve grown all “fancy” (as some have said) with our offices in different states, some folks are asking, “What about Boyertown?”  “Does this mean you’re not serving us the same way anymore?”

That’s definitely not true.  With growth, comes change.  While change isn’t always fun, it generally means things are moving toward the greater good.  That may cause a challenge here and there, and we’re working out the kinks to serve everyone just like we used to.  And you know what?  With expansion comes more jobs and more income for everyone.

Over the last year, we’ve hired several Boyertown and other local graduates for projects of all sizes.  We’ve also sent our Boyertown graduates (also from the TV club program at BASH) to Houston, Milwaukee, and Raleigh, just in the last six months, to shoot for our clients.  We’ve sent other staff (that don’t live in Boyertown, but live in Berks county) to Las Vegas and California, and sent our Pennsylvania staff work from Las Vegas.

We’ve also had the pleasure of having our Las Vegas staff visit Boyertown, and stay at Twin Turrets Bed & Breakfast, as well as enjoy many of the local amenities.  Every time we do this, we’re contributing to the local economy, which is one our biggest goals.

There’s no limit to how we can help each other, on both ends of the country.  As long as technology keeps moving forward and growing with us, it will only get easier and easier to do.

Thank you for working with us through these changes and helping us grow.  Every time you spent a dollar with us and not a box store or a competitor, you were helping us achieve our goals and dreams.  Keep up the good work and keep shopping local!